128 Ea., (Approx.)., Testing Equipement, Tools and Accessories, to include by not limited to: 1 ea. Victor CutSkill 0781 ... 请看下面

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开始时间: 17 December 2018 12:00 AM ET
结束时间: 19 December 2018 05:00 PM ET
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128 Ea., (Approx.)., Testing Equipement, Tools and Accessories, to include by not limited to: 1 ea. Victor CutSkill 0781-2723 Machined Brass 3-Gas Light Duty Single Stage HRF 1400 Flowmeter, CGA-580, Up to 50 cfh Argon. [CDA01Q70964005-B1591]; 1 Ea. Victor Professional Dual Flow Meter DFM 150, Light Duty, 50/50 SCFH, Ar/He, 580. [CDA01Q70964005-B2431]; 1 ea. Impedance Electric Toa Corporation ZM-104 Impedance Meter, SN: P-IM-01, MPN: 22890-0002-01. [CDA01Q70964005-102781]; 1 ea. Multiquip VC-2B Micon Portable Vibrator Controller, SN: NA, 120V, 60Hz, includes AC cord, operable when removed from service, unable to test for power. [CDA01Q70964005-102704]; 1 ea. Huntingdon Fusion PurgEye100 Weld Purge Monitor, MPN: AP10100, measures 20.94 percent down to 100 ppm oxygen, includes storage case, gas sampling hose, sampling bulb vacuum pump, needs a new sampling probe, unable to test for power, batteries not included, requires 2 x AA. [CDA01Q70964005-107917]; 1 ea. Holaday Industries HI-4433MSE Isotropic Electric Field Radio Frequency Probe, SN: not visible, storage case with contents inside included. [CDA01Q70964005-110368]; 3 ea. Maxtec Handi+ Oxygen Analyzer, MPN: R218P12. [CDA01Q70964005-110297, 112402, 110053]; 10 ea. North Shore Safety Linegard GFCI, 20 Amps. SN: not visible. [CDA01Q70874004-B1669]; 4 ea. Tower Mfg. Circuit Interuputers, 15 Amps. SN: not visible. [CDA01Q70874004-B251]; 2 ea. Ska-Kon Manual Ratchet Crimpers, 22 to 10 AWG coper wire, SN not visible. [CDA01Q70964005-B2745]; 3 ea. Ideal 45-128 Swivel-Blade Cable Stripper for 3/16" - 3/4", SN not visible. [CDA01Q70964005-B2076]; 1 ea. Sullstar Tech EZRJ45 Blue Modular Plug Crimping Tool, MPN: 40989. [CDA01Q70964005-B2779]; 6 ea. Weidmuller 901146 Wire-End Ferrules Crimping Tools. [CDA01Q70964005-B2677]; 1 ea. Loos & Co. ZN 1/4" Swager Hand Crimper. [CDA01Q70964005-B3247]; 62 ea. Uvex S690 Safety Replacement Lens, clear tint. [CDA01Q70964005-B160]; 1 ea. Patco Battery Charger for Intellirock Concrete Measurement System Remote. Charger only. [CDA01Q70964005-B1798]; 19 ea. HD Chasen 1-9/16" X 12" Barrel Drift Pins, MPN: HD-191612. [CDA01Q70964005-C2109]; 1 ea. B-Line Channel Strut with Die Block Punch, MPN: B96HP-0.562[CDA01Q70964005-104718]; 1 ea. Ridgid VR Conveyor Head Pipe Stand[CDA01Q70964005-B107]; 6 ea. Fume Extractor Welding Nozzles, general options EN20/ENT8. Manufacture unknown, serial numbers not visible. [CDA01Q70964005-B1412]; 1 ea. Hilti TE-C22M12 Anchor Removal 12mm Adaptor, SN not visible. [CDA01Q70964005-B1753]; 1 ea. Hilti TE-C37-M20 Anchor Removal 20mm Adaptor, SN not visible. [CDA01Q70964005-B1754]; 1 ea. Hilti TE-C-30M16 Anchor Removal 16mm Adaptor, SN not visible. [CDA01Q70964005-B1755]. NOTE: Pallets are included with purchase. Buyer's must sign and return sales agreement attached below before removal. Buyer must have a copy of the signed conditions and paid invoice at pickup. Removals are by appointment only. Removals begin Monday, January 7th, and must be completed by 3PM, Friday, January 18th. Buyer is responsible and required to have their own equipment to secure load to their vehicle(s). Seller will load equipment onto truck.
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1 W52P1J-0268-308 1 EA 使用过 TOOLING AND ACCESSOR
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830 Eastern Bypass Ste F6, Richmond, KY 40475 US

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