6 Pcs., Mass Spectrometer Ion Source & Accessories. To Include: 1 Ea. Sciex Turbo Ionspray, Assembly No. 19296, s/n 4600 ... 请看下面

销售: BioPharma Equipment (North America) - Biotech, Pharmaceutical Processing & Laboratory Assets

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类型: Internet Auction
地点: Exton, PA US
开始时间: 30 April 2019 12:00 AM ET
结束时间: 2 May 2019 05:00 PM ET
剩余时间: 9 Days, 16 Hours, 34 Minutes
出价次数: 0
下一次最低出价: $25.00 USD
6 Pcs., Mass Spectrometer Ion Source & Accessories. To Include: 1 Ea. Sciex Turbo Ionspray, Assembly No. 19296, s/n 460060899; 1 Ea. Sciex Ion Source, Assembly No. 1004658 N, s/n 0124050915; Agilent Ion Source, Model and Serial Number Not Visible; 1 Ea. Bag of Agilent Mass Spectrometer Parts & Accessories; 1 ea. Box Agilent 8453 UV-Visible Manuals & ChemStation Software; 2 Ea. Sciex Line Adjustment Option Power Supplies, Assembly No. 014179, S/Ns 129215434 & 136775754. Approx. 80 Lbs. (Loc. R-2-A). This lot has been relocated from the seller's laboratory in upper Merion, PA to their mover's warehouse in Exton, PA. It will made available for the buyer to pick-up at the warehouse dock. Buyer is responsible for packaging and loading the asset on their own truck. Buyer will be required to have the appropriate vehicle for removal. Pick-up by appointment only. This Lot is part of the last sale event from the Exton warehouse location. All Items MUST be removed by May 22nd, 2019. If not removed on or before May 22nd, 2019 it shall be deemed abandoned and the seller shall have no further obligation to buyer with respect to this item, NO EXCEPTIONS. Buyers may obtain a quotation to have the item delivered to them directly. To obtain a delivery quote, buyers must contact Matt at um24decomm@waynemoving.com.
DTID 单位 设备状况 说明
1 3355320 1 EA 使用过 MASS SPEC SOURCE
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303 Eagleview Blvd, Exton, PA 19341 US

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