2 x Seats at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK Unique opportunity to acquire two prestigious seats at the famous Royal

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开始时间: 3 December 2018 12:00 AM ET
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2 x Seats at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK Unique opportunity to acquire two prestigious seats at the famous Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. The Royal Albert Hall is regarded as one of Britain's greatest concert venues - Visit www.royalalberthall.com/ for overview and upcoming events. Premier seat location - Stalls L, Row 5, Seats 95 & 96. The seats are on a 852 year lease (remaining from original 999 year lease). Prospective buyers should plan events for end December 2018 and onwards. Use the seats for major events and concerts. On completion the purchaser/seat holder automatically becomes a member of the corporation of The Hall of Arts and Sciences the body established by Royal charter to hold the Hall in trust for the nation – details in Members Information enclosed. A Seat Rate applies to each seat which is similar to a service charge - the amount payable, including rebate, for 2017 was 564 + VAT per seat – details in Members Information enclosed. The sale is conditional and subject to client approval – please see Terms and Conditions of Sale and Site Specific Terms (Additional Terms) attached to event page. A Buyer's Premium is inclusive in all bid prices. The successful buyer will be issued a pro-forma invoice showing the bid price and Buyer's Premium separately. THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL, MEMBER INFORMATION: There are 1270 seats in the Hall which are owned by private individuals and corporate entities, located in both boxes and the stalls. These seats are held by Seat Holders on leases that run for the same period as the lease on the Hall itself, which is for 999 years from 1867. Seat Holders are entitled access to their seats for all ordinary lettings, which amount to approximately two thirds of the performances in any twelve month period. The Members exclude themselves from a number of events – they amount to the remaining one third of the performances – and these are deemed to be 'Exclusive lettings'. Members have access to tickets to ordinary events that are currently on sale at the Box office. Seat Holders pay an Annual Contribution towards the upkeep of the Hall, which in 2017 amounted in net terms to 564 per seat + VAT, inclusive of a rebate that is set against the gross Annual Contribution, to reflect Seat Holders being 'excluded' from an event . This is payable once a year at the beginning of May. For those events for which Seat Holders do not wish to use their tickets, the Hall operates a successful and popular Ticket Return Scheme, which enables Seat Holder tickets to be sold to the public and for which the Seat Holder receives a share in the proceeds of the Members' tickets that have been returned. In acquiring seats, the Seat Holder automatically becomes a Member of the Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Sciences, the body established by Royal Charter to hold the Hall in trust for the Nation. The Members have an important role in the Hall's governance. For example, they elect the Council and the Hall's President; approve the level of the Annual Contribution; and, in general terms, ensure that the purposes of the Corporation, which is a Charity, are properly and adequately reflected in the Hall's policies and plans. DTID Units Condition Description 1 RAH -EU455464 1 EA Used 2 X SEATS
DTID 单位 设备状况 说明
1 RAH -EU455464 1 EA 使用过 2 X DEBENTURE SEATS
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The Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AP UK

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