Quantity of Consumables including assorted site support sundries and welding wire **Photos, descriptions and available l ... 请看下面

销售: Private Treaty Sale of Machinery, Robot and Maintenance Spares and Plant Support Equipment / Elizabeth, South Australia



类型: 协商交易
地点: Elizabeth, AU
开始时间: 30 August 2018 03:00 PM ET
结束时间: 18 October 2018 10:00 PM ET
剩余时间: Days, Hours, Minutes
Quantity of Consumables including assorted site support sundries and welding wire **Photos, descriptions and available listings are indicative and may not reflect precise quantities of this lot's contents. It is highly recommended the buyer inspect this lot to satisfy condition, contents and quantities. All offers made against this lot represent physical counts and/or allowances made by the buyer. The Seller and Liquidity Services are not responsible for any variances between the online listing and physical lot contents. The Seller will consolidate all small and loose stock into various tubs and export approved boxes (where available). The Seller will load purchased lots onto the buyer's transportation or into the buyer's supplied containers (via booking). All loading by the seller onto transport or into shipping containers will be a general loading process - any packaging or securing of loads for the purposes of international freight will require a representative/s of the buyer onsite (via booking) to complete these specific works. Rigging and transport costs are owned by the buyer. Further information regarding inspection, removal and post-sale instructions, please refer to the auction event page (http://www.go-dove.com/en/events?cmd=details&event=641144&_per_page=25). The TERMS & CONDITIONS (www.go-dove.com/termsConditions/641144.pdf) provides auction terms & conditions. The SITE SPECIFIC TERMS (www.go-dove.com/siteTerms/ST_641134.pdf) provides site entry conditions, site map, registration instructions, and auction bidding instructions. For additional support on how to register, how to bid, how to pay, or how to navigate the website, please contact our customer service department at aushelp@go-dove.com or +61 385 184 354.
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  • 付款方式:可接受的付款方式包括PayPal,Visa,万事达卡,美国运通卡,银行本票,汇票,电汇和公司支票(附银行的担保函)。请注意,我们不接受现金,ACH存款,个人支票或预付借记卡。
  • 如果您不选择信用卡支付,必须提交以下信息和一份信用指示函:
    • 公司名称 ( 如适用)
    • 客户名称
    • 电话号码
    • 销售活动号或合同号
    • 签名和日期
  • 用户帐户的名称和地址必须与投标和购买时使用的信用卡上的姓名和帐单地址相匹配,否则所收取的费用将被拒绝
  • 所有付款资金必须来自于在网站注册者。我们不接受任何形式的第三方付款,无论出于何种原因。
  • 你必须在正式发票出具后的3个工作日内付清全部款项,除非另有说明。出于计算付款期限的目的,出具发票的当日不计算在内。发票将每个事件产生的数量,而不是每个批号。
  • 除非在我们的网站上另有说明,或者您在销售结束之前与我们联系,否则我们会在销售结束后的第二个工作日从您所提交的信用卡上收取购买价格的全部金额(包括买家佣金和税)。
  • 对于超过$10,000美金或等值的发票,我们将不会接受信用卡付款;客户必须通过保付形式(即电汇,本票)支付款项。
  • 货物的位置: 180 Philip Hwy, Elizabeth, 5112 AU
  • 设施部门经理: Customer Service
  • 设施部门电子邮件: Aushelp@go-dove.com
  • 国家: AU
  • 电话: +61 (3) 85184354

180 Philip Hwy, Elizabeth, 5112 AU

  • 本货品需付一个 16% 的买家佣金
  • 本地税表