561443 — Online Auction - Power Generation Equipment and Inventory of Spares (Majority Unused) at ‘Energy from Waste’ Power Station - UK

Ouverture 16 November 2018 Fermeture 29 November 2018 07:00 EST

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Dale Power Solutions 'MME1500' Emergency Standby Generator Unused (zero hours)
Ctreschicresistive load bank 850KvA capacity
FS Elliot Polaris 'B3EU1E147-1' Packaged Air Compressor Unused (Qty 2)
SPXHankinson 'DBP-1825' Desiccant Air Dryer Unused (Qty 2)
Komar 'Z242A' Injector Komar injector with loading rack (Qty3)

Motors and Pumps:

Rexroth Hagglunds ‘CB 400’ radial piston hydraulic motor (2014)
ABB 224kW,6600 volt, 1487 RPM, 3 phase M-Fixed speed motor HXR 355LB4 (2014)
Eirez 'SE745SC2-B' Magnetic Separator Motor(2014) (Qty 3)
Siemens Motox ‘FDU1409/2216101’ 4kW electric motor, skid mounted (Qty 2)
Orwell ‘SNG1300I 420A/W1’pump 1109 litre/minute, 1500 RPM; (2013)
Rexroth Piston pump PAA4CSG355EPD-VKD85F684D with spline shaft drive
Allweiler‘SNGX/A6601400’ oil pump, 939/948 litres per minute (2012)
Prominent Dosing Chemical Pumps 2.3KTR PH 320BAR (2013)
MonoPumps ‘C14B’ sludge pumps

Over 500 Valves and Actuators including:

Maxon control valves &flowmeters
Neway gate and check valves
Crane Centreline butterfly valves
Tomoe butterfly Valves C/W Gearboxes
Ilshingate valves
KPRM Solenoid valves
Xomox Ball valves
Fisher Actuators with valves
ABB Polna control turbinevalves
Norbo Actuators

Electrical Equipment:

NWL 'PP021' Power Supply Unit/transformer 24.1KVA
Blakley Distribution Boxes 400V 63A 50HZ IP44 3PH
Large Qty. of lighting including Eclipse dome & anglereflector kits
Traffic Light indicators, connectors and assemblies
Crompton Lowbray high pressure luminaires
Isolators,Switches and control boxes

Miscellaneous Equipment:

Fike CV-S Explosion Vents
Siemens in situlaser gas analyser with sensor (2014)(Qty 4)
Drager Polytron 8000 gas detectors
Rosemount 3051 pressure & leveltransmitters
Endress & Hauser Soliphant level measures
Brooks MT3809E style variable flow meters
CapitalControls 'CL1000' residual analyser
Maxon Kinemax 6'' natural gas 1500kW burner
Kone 10,000kg & 5000Kg wire liftcrane hoists
Kone 500kg crane mounted on 3 metre gantry beam (2014)
Crane Veyor Corp. SLMU type hoists
ColumbusMcKinnon BEH0204 motor driven chain hoists 2t.
Pressvess Air Ltd Horizontal air receivers
Over 900 Abus'Preference 84' 40mm brass padlocks with keys
Large quantity of fasteners, hooks, bolts etc.

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