561382 — Refresco - Excellent Juice manufacturing and contract packing facility in Hamburg and Dachwig, Germany

Ouverture 29 June 2018 Fermeture 11 July 2018 08:00 EST

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Featured items:

  • Tanks and vessels
    - Stainless Steel Tanks 95.700 ltr (Qty 48)
    - Stainless Steel Tanks 100.000 ltr (Qty 6)
    - Stainless Steel Tanks 20.000 to 27.900 ltr (Qty 30)
    - Stainless Steel Tanks 10.000 ltr (Qty 5) and much more
  • Homogenizers APV and Alfa Laval
  • Pasteurizers (approx. 30.000 ltr/h) GEA / Finnah, TetraPak
  • CIP-Systems
  • Process Pumps
  • Alfa Laval, Fristam, MasoSine, Nietzsch, Hilge, GEA, Grundfoss
  • Glass Bottle Filling Line (capacity 27.000 bottles/h for 1 ltr) composed of
  • - Goebel Tray Washero
    - KHS Bottle Washer
    - KHS 90 Station Piston Filler
    - Krones/Filtec Bottle Inspection
    - Krones Tray Unpacker/Packer and much more
  • General Support Equipment
  • - Reverse Osmosis Systems
    - Warehouse Racking
    - Automated Pallet Transport Systems
    - Packing Robots
  • Factory Equipment


NOTICE TO PURCHASERS:Any individual items attracting a winning bid in excess of 50,000 euro will be subject to seller confirmation
A Buyer´s Premium of 18% will be added to all final bids
Local VAT of 19% will be added to local buyers and to non-EU buyers (refund of the VAT upon proof of Export)

Removal date: 30 November 2018

Information Importante: *Pas d'apperçu pour la clientèle disponible/ Uniquement sur rendez-vous pendants les jours ouvrés*
Ouverture de l’enchère 29 June 2018 08:00 ET
Fermeture de l’enchère 11 July 2018 08:00 ET
Date d’adjudication 12 July 2018 00:00 ET
Date d’échéance de l’enchère July 11 @ 8AM ET
Date d'enlèvement Within 10 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
Heure d'enlèvement By Appointment Only / Call site listed for removal times
Payé en totalité Within 3 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
Contact +44 (0)207 098 3792 or help@go-dove.com
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