561493 — Mondelez - Private Treaty Sale of Confectionery Packaging Equipment - Svoge, Bulgaria

Comienza 20 January 2019 Finaliza 31 January 2019 07:00 EST
Please note that all offers must be received by no later than 12h noon CET on 31st January 2019.

Disassembling will start on the 6th February and it is plan to complete the loadings to the buyers transport by the 15th February.

Important Notices:
  • Viewing: By Appointment Only.
  • Removal: By Appointment Only.
  • LSI or any of its group of companies does not act as shipper or exporter of record.
  • All non-EU buyers need to engage a customs brokers if exporting assets outside of the EU.
  • Local VAT rate of 20% applies to this sale.
  • The Buyer's Premium rate of 18% applies to this sale.
La venta empieza 20 January 2019 00:00 ET
Fecha límite para pujar 31 January 2019 07:00 ET
Fecha de concesión 1 February 2019 00:00 ET
Fecha límite de la puja January 31 @ 7AM ET
Calendario de recogidas Within 10 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
Horario de retirada By Appointment Only / Call site listed for removal times
Pago completado Within 3 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
Contacto +34 (0)672 197 540 or david.holtappels@liquidityservices.com
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