641124 — Holden Online Auction - No Reserve - GM Holden General Engineering Tools & Workshop Equipment Sale in Elizabeth, South Australia

Opening 4 June 2018 Closing 7 June 2018 06:00 EST

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* Please note that this auction will have a staggered close across 730PM (ADELAIDE) to 830PM (ADELAIDE). Below, you will find a lot breakdown of close times
  • Lot 1 thru Lot 250 will close at 730PM (ADELAIDE) on 7 JUN, 2018
  • Lot 251 thru Lot 500 will close at 745PM (ADELAIDE) on 7 JUN, 2018
  • Lot 501 thru Lot 750 will close at 800PM (ADELAIDE) on 7 JUN, 2018
  • Lot 751 thru Lot 1000 will close at 815PM (ADELAIDE) on 7 JUN, 2018
  • Lot 1001 and beyond will close at 830PM (ADELAIDE) on 7 JUN, 2018

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* Seller and Liquidity Services reserve the right to cancel any offer, including the highest bid, before or after the online sale
* Inspection Date – Onsite inspections will be held on 4 JUN 2018 from 0900 to 1730 (ADELAIDE). Visitors will be taken on 1 hour tours, beginning at 0900. Inspection tour times: 0900, 1000, 1100, 1230, 1330, 1430, 1530 and 1630. For safety and security, all buyers will be asked to leave at 1730. Refer to "Site Specific Terms" list below for how to find site inspection map and instructions. Location: Holden Vehicle Operations, Elizabeth, South Australia.
* Removals – By Appointment, only. The Removal timeframe for this sale will begin 18 JUN 2018 and will end 29 JUN 2018 (End Date). Please note removals will not take place on 25 JUN 2018. Assets remaining onsite after End Date will be considered abandoned. Due to security and safety concerns, buyers must remove assets during the removal timeframe provided for this specific auction. Seller will assist with loading. Buyer is responsible for transport and securing transport. Additional details will be provided to winning bidders post auction.
* Buyers premium: 16%
* GST applies to this sale: 10% - INTL buyers exporting assets out of Australia will not incur a 10% Goods and Services Tax
* Currency: AUD
* Payment type: Credit Card, Wire Transfer and Direct Deposit. Credit Card payments will be subject to 3% surcharge. Please note that credit charges will not automatically be charged. Contact information will be provided on the invoice on how to make payment.

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Bidding Opens 4 June 2018 15:00 ET
Bid Close Date 7 June 2018 06:00 ET
Award Date 8 June 2018 00:00 ET
Bid Due Date June 7 @ 6AM ET
Removal Date Please refer to above. Further details to be provided post-sale
Removal Time Please refer to above. Further details to be provided post-sale
Pay In Full Invoices not paid by 14 JUN 2018 will be cancelled.
Contact +61 (3) 851 84354 or Aushelp@go-dove.com
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