641098 — Private Treaty - Hazelwood Power Station - 4-Stage Coal Fired Power Generators, Transformers, Large Electric Motors, Alternators and Plant Spares

Opening 3 July 2017 Closing 30 June 2018 01:00 EST

4-Stage Power Generation Unit
Each stage comprised of 2x Units. Each Unit Comprised of:
• Turbine Assembly (200 MW, 3000RPM)
• Power Generator (200MW, 16500V)
• Main Transformer (22,000kVA, 230kV/16.5kV)
• Auxiliary Transformer (18,000kVa, 16.5kV/6.6kV)
• Pulverized Fuel Firing Boilers
• Single Shell (105.000SQFT) / Twin Shell (117,000 SQFT) Steam Condensers
• 8x Main Mills (powered by 6.6kV motors)
• 2x Auxiliary Mills (9.15 tonnes/hr powered by 186kW motors)
• Pulverized Fuel Conveyor System – Soot System Blower
• Control Rooms
*All 4 Stages share the same Breakers/Power Controllers, Coal Bunker & Silos, Deaerator, 4x Town Water Tanks

Also Available:

• AEI 225,000 KVA Transformer (completely refurbished)
• 30x 6,600KVA/415V and 26x Assorted (10KVA – 100KVA) Transformers
• Turbine Rotor and 2x ABB Surge Arrestors
• AEI Alternating Current Generator
• C02 Capture Plant
• 87x Assorted Motors in brands including: EG, Siemens, Toshiba, David Brown, ABB, Alstom, AEI, KRUPP, Crompton Parkinson, CMG, Mitsubishi
• Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Precious Metals

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Bidding Opens 3 July 2017 01:00 ET
Bid Close Date 30 June 2018 01:00 ET
Award Date 4 December 2018 00:00 ET
Bid Due Date June 30 @ 1AM ET
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