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Most equipment purchased in 2013
Sony ‘MVS6000’ Vision Switcher
Sony ‘HXC100’ Camera Channels with Canon 'HJ17ex7.6B IASE A' HD Lens (Qty 5)
Sony ‘HXR-NX5P’ Cameras (Qty 9)
Shotoku ‘SH120VR’ Powered Pan & Tilt Camera Heads (Qty 2)
Shotoku & Cartoni Camera Tripods & Heads
Miranda ‘NV8280’ Digital Video Router
Sony ‘PVM-1741A’ & ‘PVM-2541A’ OLED Video Monitors (Qty 10)
Sony 'LMD-940W' Video Monitors (Qty 6)
RTS Talkback Panels (Qty 8)
Tektronix ‘WVR7200’ Rasterizer
Tektronix ‘WFM-5000’ Waveform Monitor
Tektronix 'TG 8000' Signal Test Generator
Crystal Vision ‘Indigo 1,2,3&4U’ Frames – Fully Loaded
Yamaha ‘DM2000’ Digital Audio Mixing Desks (Qty 2)
Yamaha ‘MSP5’ Studio Speakers (Qty 7 Pairs)
Desisti LED Fresnel & Soft Studio Lights (Qty 47)
Aluminium Lighting Ceiling Tracks (Qty 10)
Sony HVR-1500A’ & Sony ‘HDW-D1800’ Digital Video Cassette Recorders
Large Range of Audio & Video Associated Equipment
Sennheiser 'EM-2050' True Diversity Receivers (Qty 3)
Motorola ‘MPEG 4’ AVC SD/HD Encoders (Qty 192)
Motorola 'SE 5100' MPEG 4 AVC SD/HD Encoders (Qty 16)
Optical Network Platform-ACI 'A8K-SUB ACION 8000' (Qty 11)
Motorola 'DSR 4460' Professional Satellite Receivers (Qty 6)
Miranda 'Kaleido X16' Multiviewers (Qty 13)
Evertz '7800FR' Frames (Qty 2)
Seachange Media Servers (Qty 2)
HP Proliant Servers (Qty 14)
Motorola 'GX2 DM 2000/10/29' Broadcast/ Narrowcast Transmitters (Qty 20)
Motorola 'GX200 BX4-R' Quad Path Return Optical Receivers (Qty 22)
Sencore 'MRD 3187B' Modular Receiver Decoders (Qty 10)
Sencore 'MRD 3187B' Modular receiver Decoders
Juniper 'EX 4200' Ethernet Switches (Qty 8)
Large Range of Transmission & Broadcast Associated Equipment

Please note this sale will be block closing in local time these are set as follows:-
Lots 1 - 150 Close at 19:00hrs +8 GMT - Malaysia Local Time
Lots 151 - 300 Close at 19:20hrs +8 GMT - Malaysia Local Time
Lots 301 - 581 Close at 19:40hrs +8 GMT - Malaysia Local Time

An online auction sale of Satellite Dishes, Cummins Generator, Large Range of Unused Cable, Apple Mac & PCs, Televisions, PC Monitors & Associated Equipment from Asian Broadcasting Network is being held on our partners site. Please click here for details.

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