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Description Mondelez
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(2) High Speed Mixers-DONG YANG 'DCM-70' (2016), and APV'93/1' 1995/BPF94010B (1995)
(6) Twin Spindle Vertical Mixers-BAKER PERKINS
(3) Dough Laminators-(2) BAKER PERKINS and a Local Made (1994)
(4) Natural Gas Ovens – (2) BAKER PERKINS, (2) other make
Forming line (2014)
Single-Roll Rotary Moulder- IMAFORNI (2013)
(5) Rotary Sifters- NUCON'400F/SIF' and (4) BAKER PERKINS
(4) Tub Tippers- (2) KRONEZTECH and (2) IMAFORNI'
Flow Wrappers- (2) OMORI' NW-405', OMORI'HP-4800S' and (3) MULTI PACK'KW5-18'
Oil Sprays-ARCALL ‘912' (2000) and BAKER PERKINS' (1995)
Tanks- (2) units palm oil storage tanks and 60m3 Jacketed Tank

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