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Featuring High Quality Power Presses in Philippines-
KOMATSU H1-F 60 – 11- 60 Ton Gap Frame Servo Press with Roll Feed (2010)
KOMATSU E2W 160 - 160 Ton Straight Side Power Press (2004)
KOMATSU OBW 200 - 200 Ton Double Crank Gap Frame Power Press (1997)
KOMATSU OBS 60 - 60 Ton Gap Frame Power Press (1988)
KOMATSU OBS 80-3 - 80 Ton Gap Frame Power Press (1990)
KOMATSU OBS 60 - 60 Ton Gap Frame Power Press with Roll Feed (2004)
KOMATSU OBS 80-2 - 80 Ton Gap Frame Power Press (1982)
AIDA PDA-12L - 125 ton High Speed Power Press (1984)
AIDA NC1 200 (2) - 200 Ton Gap Frame Power Press (1982)
Wasino PUX 150 - 150 Ton Gap Frame Power Press (1985) – 2 nos
SSANGYONG CS 150 - 150 Ton Gap Frame Power Press (1993) – 5 nos
MITSUBISHI FX 30K - CNC Wire Cut EDM (2000)
MITSUBISHI FX 20 - CNC Wire Cut EDM (2000)
MITSUBISHI 25 K - Wire Cut EDM (1986)
KING RICH KP-G2000 - Turret Milling Machine (2000)

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Philippines :-
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India :-
Sandesh Bhivande
Mobile :- +91 98928 61605
Email :- Sandesh.Bhivande@Liquidityservices.com
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Bid Due Date January 30 @ 3AM ET
Removal Date Feb 22nd
Removal Time 9am to 5pm or longer as necessary
Pay In Full Within 3 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
Contact +91 98928 61605 or Sandesh.Bhivande@Liquidityservices.com
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