561519 — Formerly Viapaq, Paris, France – Surface Mount Production Equipment (Assets Owned by Liquidity Services UK Ltd)

Opening 17 April 2019 Closing 24 April 2019 07:00 EST

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Description VIAPAQ Logo
  • Siemens 'X3' Placement Machine (2010) (Qty 2)
  • Siemens 'D4' Placement Machine (2007 - 2011) (Qty 5)
  • Siemens 'HS50' Placement Machine (2007)
  • Siemens 'HF4' Placement Machine (2003)
  • DEK 'Horison Europa' Screen Printer (2012)
  • DEK 'Infinity 265' Screen Printer (2005)
  • DEK 'Infinity 01' Screen Printer (2002)
  • Rehm 'VXS Nitro 3150' Reflow Oven (2011)
  • Rehm 'Vision 8 Nitro 3.2b' Reflow Oven (2004)
  • Rehm 'V8 Nitro 4.30' Reflow Oven & Extraction Filter (2004)
  • ERSA 'Versaflow 3/45' Wave Solder (2012/08) (Qty 2)
  • ERSA 'Powerflow N2' Wave Solder
  • Koh Young 'KY 8030-2' 3D Solder Paste Inspection (2010)
  • Koh Young 'Aspire 2' 3D Solder Paste Inspection (2012)
  • Koh Young 'KY 8020T' 3D Solder Paste Inspection(2011)
  • Phoenix 'Micromex' X-Ray (2006)
  • Viscom 'Quickscan 3054' AOI (2007/8) (Qty 2)
  • Viscom 'S6055-II' AOI (2005/04) (Qty 5)
  • ASYS 'LSB03' Bare Board Loader (2011/07) (Qty 4)
  • ASYS 'ALS03' Laser Marker (2007)
  • ASYS 'Insignum 2000' Laser Marker (2011)
  • ASYS 'Divisid2000' Milling Machine (2012)
  • Teradyne 'CSC-112-70' ICT (2010) (Qty 2)
  • Teradyne 'TSLH 121' ICT (2012)
  • Votsch 'VT 4034' Thermal Chamber (2000)
  • Excel Systems Conveyors (2017)
  • Leica & Mantis Microscopes
  • Seremap Conveyors, Buffers & Loaders
  • Siemens Feeder Carts
  • Large Quantity of Siemens Feeders
  • Assorted Test Equipment
  • Forklifts & Materials Handling Equipment
  • Canteen Equipment & Furniture

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