561488 — Hj. Jousi Oy (in Bankruptcy) Plastic Injection Moulding Machines, Thermoforming, Metalworking Machinery and Factory Support in Kaarina, Finland

Opening 14 January 2019 Closing 29 January 2019 09:00 EST

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Description Featured Items:

  • Battenfeld ‘TM XPRESS 210/1350’ IMM with Wittman robot (2010)
  • Engel ‘Victory 750/150 Tech’ tie-bar-less IMM with robot (2008)
  • Engel ‘Victory 650/220 Power’ tie-bar-less IMM with robot, foil printing, assembly & boxing (2005)
  • Engel ‘ES 650/150 HL-V’ IMM with robot, foil printing, assembly, boxing and QC feature (2000)
  • Krauss Maffei ‘180-520 C3’ IMM with robot (2000)
  • Engel and Netstal IMM’s 20t to 250t capacity (Qty 12)
  • Ancillary plastics equipment including dryers, granulators, tool temp controllers, foil printing etc
  • 160 plastic injection mould tools- light plastic / food packaging
  • Illig ‘RV53’ thermoforming machine (Qty 2 1995/87)
  • Illig ‘SB53C-1-G’ thermoforming machine (1980)
  • 200 thermoform mould tools
  • Schon & Cie gmbh ‘2090’ die cutting machine (1990)
  • Erba Titan die cutting machine
  • Herlan ‘BST’ aluminium tube machine
  • Workshop machinery including Bridgeport ‘Series 11 Interact 4’ CNC milling machine, power presses, milling and grinding machines, drills, saws, workshop tools, spare parts store etc
  • Yale ‘ERP16A’ Electric Forklift (2001)
  • Ford ‘4000 agricultural tractor with snow plough attachment

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