561475 / 561474 — Online Auction - Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Market #205, UK

Opening 27 November 2018 Closing 4 December 2018 08:00 EST

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  • Bruderer ‘BSTA 50UL’ 500 k N Stamping Press (1998)
  • Rhodes ‘RMF100’ Open Fronted Geared Press (2004)
  • Rhodes ‘RF100’ Manual Geared Press (1982)
  • Verina ‘AV72’ 4000mm Plate Bending Rolls
  • Gildemeister ‘NEF CT 40’ CNC Lathe (1986)
  • 5.4m high tee slotted back guard stops (Qty 2)
  • Bridgeport ‘Series I 2 HP’ Turret Milling Machine
  • Union Horizontal Borer
  • Hardinge ‘Super – Precision DSM-59’ Lathe
  • Meddings ‘M4/3’ Pillar Drill
  • Walton ‘BPFM/50/10’ Box & Pan Folder
  • Cade +30deg to -30deg Atmospheric Chamber Container (1998)
  • Graco ‘PR70’ metering and mixing system

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  • LSI or any of its group of companies does not act as shipper or exporter of record.
  • All non-EU buyers need to engage a customs brokers if exporting assets outside of the EU.
  • Local VAT rate of 19% for the lots in Germany, 25% for the lots in Sweden, 21% for the lots in Spain and 20% for the lots in the UK applies to this sale.
  • The Buyer's Premium rate of 18% applies to this sale.

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Bidding Opens 27 November 2018 00:00 ET
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