561414 — Online Auction of Surface Mount Production Lines, Placement Machines and Feeders in Raahe, Finland

Opening 16 August 2018 Closing 6 September 2018 08:00 EST

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Description In Association with Hilco

Placement Machines :
Assembleon 'MG1' (2006)
Assembleon 'AX-5' 10 Head (2004)
Assembleon 'AX-301' 6 Head (2007)
Assembleon 'AX-201' Twin Head (2007)
Assembleon 'Opal X II' (2008)
Assembleon 'MG8' (2006)
Assembleon 'ACM-Micro' (2006)
Universal 'Genesis GC-30' (2008)

Over 1500 Feeders :
GSM/Universal Gold + 8mm Dual Track
GSM/Universal Gold + 12mm & 16mm & 24mm Multi
Assembleon 8mm Twin
Assembleon 12mm to 72mm
MG/Opal 8mm to 44mm

Other Production Machines :
Speedline 'MPM Accela' Stencil Printer (2007)
Speedline 'MPM Momentum Screen Printer (2010)
Electrovert 'iFlex 10' Lead Free Reflow Oven (2005)
Ersa 'EWS500' Lead Free Wave Solder (2003)
Ersa ' 4ESF00' Lead Free ESF Spray Oven
IBL ‘LV-600’ Vapour Oven (2004)
Comet 'VXP-160.15' Cougar Finefocus X-ray Platform (2007) (Qty 2)

Board Handling Equipment :
Jot Automation 'J210-04.4/J210.50.2' Bare Board Unstackers' (Qty 3)
Jot Automation 'J213.50/51' magazine Loaders & Unloders (Qty 6)
Jot Automation 'J214-05) FIFO's (Qty 3)
Also including Flippers, Shuttle Gates, Segment Conveyors etc.

Miscellaneous Equipment:
Domnick Hunter 'N2MAX110ECD' Nitrogen Generator
McDry, ToTech & Nickko Humidity Storage Cabinets
Rinco '3000' Ultrasonic Welder
Vision Engineering 'Mantis' Vision Systems (Qty 5)

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