561312 — HP Leixlip - Semiconductor, Laboratory and Production Equipment Surplus to Requirements, Located in Ireland

Opening 7 December 2017 Closing 14 December 2017 09:00 EST

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Over 400 Lots Including
Laboratory & Inspection Equipment
FEI Nova 600 Dual Beam FIB with EDAX
Philips 'XL30S (FEG)'SEM System (1998)
Hewlett Packard 'HP6890 Series'GC Network System
Votsch 'VC0018'Climate Chamber (Qty 4)
Votsch & Espec Walk in test chambers
Memmert 'ULE 800', 'ULE500' Convection Oven (Qty 7)
MemmertClimate Chamber (2014)
Leica 'INM100','INM200' Microscope (Qty 4)
Leica 'DMRM'Microscope (Qty 4)
Leica 'DMI3000M'Inverted Microscope
Leica 'MZ16', 'MZ12.5', 'MZ6' Stereo Microscopes
Nikon Optiphot & Olympus Microscopes
Mettler Toledo & Sartorious Analytical Balances (Qty 40)

Cleanroom Equipment
Ultratech '2244i'Stepper with FSI Polaris 2500 Microlithography Cluster
Karl Suss 'MA6/BA6'Mask Aligner with backside alignment mounted on TMC antivibration table
Europlasma 'CD900'Plasma Cleaner (2015)
KLA Tencor 'P 16 + OF'Surface Profiler
Dage '4000PH'Pull Tester
Lintec 'RAD-5000BPA'Barcode Labeller (2002)
Despatch 'PCC*18x42x9-3E'Conveyor Oven
Signatone 'CHECKMATE CM200'Probe Station A-ZOOM 2 OPTEM (2003)
Fume Hoods, Cleanroom cupboards & racks

Test & Measurement
Agilent '34970A'Data Acquisition/Switch Unit (Qty 10)
Hewlett Packard 'E1411B'Digit Multimeter (Qty 50)
Hewlett Packard '3458A'Multimeter
Hewlett Packard '53131A'Universal Counter (Qty 12)
Tektronix 'AFG3102'Function Generator
Tektronix 'MDO4054B'Mixed Domain Oscilloscope
Hewlett Packard '6038A'System Power Supply (Qty 9)
Hewlett Packard '5335A'Universal Counter
Power supplies, Oscilloscopes and signal generators

Assembly and Inspection
Mitutoyo 'QVX302 P1L-C QUICK VISION APEX 363-111-2SEU'Vision Measuring Machine (2013)
Mitutoyo 'EURO-C 776'Moving Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine (1997)
Enercon 'SUPER SEAL LM 5022-265'Cap Sealer (2015)
CMC Closing Systems 'CM/RE 500'Capping Machine (2015)
Schubert 'MA 004114/15'Tray Packers (Qty 2) (2010)
Zebra 'ZM600'Label Printer
Briglec 5, 10 & 20 KVA Transformers (Qty 11)

Stratasys 'Mojo'3D Printer (2014)
Stratasys 'Object 24 V2'3D Printer (2013)
Stratasys 'Object 30 Prime'3D Printer (2016)
Stratasys 'Dimension Elite'3D Printer
Hewlett Packard 'LATEX 360'Colour Inkjet Printer (2014)
X-Rite 'Spectralight QC'Variable light source (Qty 5)
Sennheiser 'SL RACK DW'Wireless Microphone sets
DraegerBreathing Operator Sets (Qty 10)
Draeger 'XAM 2000'Gas Monitors
Respirex 'Limited Use/life'Gas Suit (2016)
Electrically operated rise and fall benches (Qty 45)
Large Quantity of ESD workbenches
Bott Laboratory Cupboards (Qty 25)
Chemical Storage cabinets
High quality steel drawer units
Large quantity of Metro racking

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* Removal - By Appointment between 15th & 30th January 2018
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