502258 — Leading Technology Manufacturer Foxconn Interconnect Technology Complete Facility Closure-Final Sale!

Opening 1 March 2019 Closing 7 March 2019 14:00 EST

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Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Agilent 86100D, 86100A Wide-Bandwith Osilloscopes
  • Agilent 86142B Optical Spectrum Analyzers
  • Bristol 428A Wavelength Meters
  • Agilent Technologies N4962A Serial Berts 12.5 Gb/s
  • Agilent 8703A Lightwave Component Analyzers
  • Hewlett Packard 86120B, 86120C Multi Wavelength Meters
  • Keithley 2400, 2420, 2510 Source Meters
  • Keithley 6517A Electrometer/High Resistance Meters
  • Keithley 7200 Switch Units
Assembly and Inspection Equipment
  • Amada Miyachi AX5000 Seam Sealer (2015)
  • Origin 0S-33 Seam Sealers
  • Benchmark GEN II Seam Sealers
  • Veeco MS-50 DP Leak Detector
  • Espec TSA-70L Thermal Shock Chamber
  • ESEC 3088 Wire Bonders
  • Esec MICRON 2 Bonder
  • Trumpf HL122P Laser Welder
  • Fiber Welding Stations with Nec FX-1801 Yag Laser
  • Large Quantity of Microscopes
Also in this sale - Computers, Laptops, Monitors,Network switches, Telephones and much more

Important Notices:
  • All purchased assets need to be REMOVED by 27th March 2019
  • Removal from Brownsville, TX
  • No customer escorting available for preview / By Appointment Only
  • No Weekend or Holiday Removal / By Appointment Only
Lot Closing Sequence For This Event:
Lot Closing Sequence For This Event Is As Follows:
  • Lots 1 Thru 199 Close on 3/07 At 2:00PM ET
  • Lots 200 Thru 399 Close on 3/07 At 2:30PM ET
  • Lots 400 Thru 599 Close on 3/07 At 3:00PM ET
  • Lots 600 onwards Close on 3/07 At 3:30PM ET
Bidding Opens 1 March 2019 00:00 ET
Bid Close Date 7 March 2019 14:00 ET
Award Date 8 March 2019 00:00 ET
Bid Due Date March 7 @ 2PM ET
Removal Date Removal will be between March 18th and March 27th
Removal Time By Appointment Only
Pay In Full Within 3 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
Contact Kevin Fleming@ 480-489-2107 or Kevin.Fleming@liquidityservices.com
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