501894 — Caterpillar Equipment, Parts & Components

Opening 5 June 2018 Closing 7 June 2018 17:00 EST

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Description Important Notices:
* No customer escorting available for preview / By Appointment Only
* No Weekend or Holiday Removal / By Appointment Only
Bidding Opens 5 June 2018 00:00 ET
Bid Close Date 7 June 2018 17:00 ET
Award Date 8 June 2018 00:00 ET
Bid Due Date June 7 @ 5PM ET
Removal Date Within 10 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
Removal Time By Appointment Only / Call site listed for removal times
Pay In Full Within 3 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
Contact 800 665 1042 or customerservice@go-dove.com
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