501807 — Electronic Manufacturing Equipment (North America) - Test & Measurement & Semiconductor Manufacturing Assets

Opening 7 August 2018 Closing 9 August 2018 17:00 EST

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Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Fluke 5820A Oscilloscope Calibrator
  • Agilent N9000A CXA Signal Analyzer
  • Rohde & Schwarz SMU200A Vector Signal Generator

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • TR 8132 Semix Tazmo 150mm/200mm Photoresist Coater
  • 2014 Tateno Machinery Co HDT-1(S) ID Coring Machine
  • 2010 Taiyo Co HDP655-245-3 9B Planetary Polisher
  • 2006 Huttinger Trumph TIG 30 DCPLUS 30kW Plasma Sputtering Power Supplies
  • 2009 JCS-Echigo PTE Ltd W3 Wash Tool
  • 2009 JCS-Echigo PTE Ltd W1 Twin Rail Wash System

Also inculding  Varian Turbomolecular Pumps, CTI Cryogenics On-Board Cryopumps, Lappers/Polishers, Wash Systems, Spin Rinse Dryers, SMT Repair Station Rework Machines, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Power Supplies & More

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