501778 — BioPharma Equipment (North America) - Biotech, Pharmaceutical Processing & Laboratory Assets

Opening 21 August 2018 Closing 23 August 2018 17:00 EST

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100+ Lots, featuring assets surplus to the ongoing operations of Eli Lilly and Company

Featured Items:

Eli Lilly and Company - Plainfield, IN
  • Beckman Biomek FX Automated Workstation
  • Cybio Cybiwell-2000 Liquid Handler System
  • Perkin Elmer DMA 8000 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
  • Tecan Connect Basic Microplate Stacker
  • Shimadzu HPLC Systems
  • Beckman Coulter FC500 Flow Cytometer
  • GeneVac EZ-2 Plus Personal Evaporator
  • Argonaut 2410 Personal Screening Synthesizer
  • Malvern PASI20020 Mastersizer
  • Hart Scientific 9117 Furnace
  • Thermo Savant SPD121P Speedvac

Leading Global Research-Driven Company - Kenilworth, NJ
  • ABI/MDS Sciex API 4000 Mass Spectrometer
  • Waters Acquity UPLC system
  • Leap/CTC Analytics MXY 01-01B Liquid Handlers
  • Waters 2695 Separations Modules & Detectors
  • Delong LVEM5A Bench-Top Electron Microscope with TEM & Diffraction Modes
  • Digital Instruments Atomic Force Microscope System
  • Zeiss Axiovert 200M Microscope
  • Microm HM 650V Vibrating Microtomes

Also including Cryostorage Systems, Automated Pipetting Workstations, UV/VIS & FTIR Spectrophotometers, Microplate Readers, Rotary Evaporators, Refrigerated Centrifuges, Microscopes, Incubators/Ovens, Laboratory Equipment & More

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