501745 — Assets Available Immediately from a Major Integrated Steel Making Facility

Opening 8 September 2017 Closing 30 December 2019 17:00 EST

GoIndustry DoveBid is facilitating the sale of a
2.9M TPA Iron and Steel making facility with
Hot and Cold Strip Rolling Mills and Finishing equipment

Sale consists of the following lines:
  • Coal Unloading and Pulverized Coal Injection Facility (PCI) 2008
  • Three 200T Vessel QBOP Steel Shop
  • Hot and Cold Strip Mills
  • 2Hi and 4Hi Temper Mill
  • Stretcher Leveler Line
  • Pickle Line

    Important Notices:
    * Customer Inspection By Appointment Only
    * No Weekend or Holiday Removal / By Appointment Only

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    Bidding Opens 8 September 2017 00:00 ET
    Bid Close Date 30 December 2019 17:00 ET
    Award Date 31 December 2019 00:00 ET
    Bid Due Date December 30 @ 5PM ET
    Removal Date In Accordance with Sale Agreement
    Removal Time In Accordance with Sale Agreement
    Pay In Full Within 3 Business Days of the Date of Invoice
    Contact Bob Bolger: 805-482-7186 or Bob.Bolger@liquidityservices.com
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