611094 — Private Treaty - Complete Plant Closure of World Renowned Brewery including Process and Facility Equipment in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Unit of capacity/volume: 1 HL (hectoliter) = 100 liter = 0.1 m3 (cubic meter)

Total Capacity: 1,440 HL/day (144,000 liter/day)
Lauter Tuns - Steinecker (BH1) Capacity : 66HL (2 units), Steinecker Capacity: 178HL (1 unit)
Mash Cooker- Capacity : 24HL
Mashing in Vessel - Capacity: 79HL, Steinecker Capacity: 155HL,
Mash Cooker (Adjunct Kettle) - Steinecker Capacity: 67HL (2units)
Mash Tun (Kettle) - Steinecker Capacity: 116HL,

HGB (High-Gravity Brewing) Station - Kronjyskstal '1232-1' , Volume: 4380 liter.
De-Aerated Water Storage Tank - Kronjyskstal HGB water tank , Capacity: 4380 liter,
Beer Filtration Unit, Sheet and Frame Type - Schenk 2x100HL/h, Kieselguhr filter
Bright-Beer Storage Tanks (BBT) - Gjetterman& Nielsen A/S (11 units)

Yeast Propagation Tank
- Bujalski sp.zoo, capacity: 2890L
Yeast Storage Tanks
- Gjetterman& Nielsen A/S Capacity : 1200L/2008L, Capacity : 1479 liter (2units)
Cylindrical-Conical Fermentation (CCT) Tanks
- Zieman Hegelsarre-Union France, Capacity: 650HL (5 units)
- Polyco, Capacity: 650HL (3 units)
- Holvrieka B.V , Capacity: 450HL (19 units)

Boiler Room
Steam Boiler (Diesel) - Danstocker A/S, 4 ton/hour (2 units)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Utilities Plant
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Compressors - Mehrer 'TZW 40', Mehrer 'TZW50'
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Evaporator - Union
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Liquification unit - Union
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Storage Tanks - Union, Capacity: 12m3 (2 units)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Scrubber - Capacity: 120L

Ammonia (NH3) Utilities Plant
Ammonia (NH3) Condensers - Thermo Wave Plate Type Heat-Exchanger, 670kW and Thermo Wave Plate Type Heat-Exchanger, 400kW (3 units)
Ammonia (NH3) Compressors - Sabroe Aarhus Denmark 'SMC 112L HP' Screw-type (4 units) and Mycom 375.8kW Screw type (1 unit)

Reverse-Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plant
Dual RO membrane plant with 30m3/h capacity, with Sandfilters (8 units), a UV Sterilizer system and RO water tank

Grain Silos for Rice and Malt - Cimbria Unigrain A/S, 285 m3 (3 units)
Grain Hoppers for Rice and Malt - Cimbria Unigrain A/S,

Malt Mills - Kunzel Malt Mill- Dry-Type Roller Capacity: 600kg/hr (4 units)
Grist Bins for rice and malt - Danbrew 2m3 (4 units)

Air Compressor, Screw Type - Atlas Copco 'ZT30', Hitachi 'DSP-55WT5H'.
Switchgear - ABB Electric 'ABB-MNS' 3x400/340V
Grid-Circuit Breaker Stations - ABB 630kvA (2 units)


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Contact: +60 12 488 6065

Rezal Sidik Rezal.Sidik@liquidityservices.com
Contact: +65 9851 8774
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