[RSCG 6758151] 76ea (Apprx) Fiber Optics items to include: THORLabs, OSA202 Fourier Transform Optical Spectrum Analyzer, ... See Below

Event: Electronic Testing, Physical Measurement Equipment, Camera, Audio/Visual, Broadcast Equipment & Musical Instruments  


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Lot Type: Internet Auction
Location: Garland, TX US
Open Time: 7 December 2018 12:00 AM ET
Close Time: 11 December 2018 05:23 PM ET
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Total Bids: 56
Current High Bid: $3,350.00 USD
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[RSCG 6758151] 76ea (Apprx) Fiber Optics items to include: THORLabs, OSA202 Fourier Transform Optical Spectrum Analyzer, 600-1700nm, DoM APR 2016, S/N 00484, Powers up; Ascentta, PMVISX-895-PM-L-10-FA PM Circulator, S/N 120928178; 2ea THORLabs, FG105LVA Multimode Fiber Patch Cable, 105um, 0.1NA, TP01396472, apprx 10ft long; 2ea THORLabs, PM 780-HP PM Fiber Patch Cable, TS1597952, apprx 80in long; 2ea Gould, Polarizing Beam Splitters, P/N PSK-001952, S/Ns L8058107 & L8058217; 2ea Gould, Polarizing Beam Splitters, P/N 001951, S/Ns L8056285 & L8056261; Gould, Variable Optical Attentuator, P/N MVOA-P89-0900-B2-106, Panda Fiber, S/NF978207; THORLabs, I0-F-SLD150-895APC Fiber Isolator, 820-970nm, SM, 2W, No Connectors, S/N TP01151198-082386; THORLabs, LA1422-B N-BK7 Plano-Convex Lens, 01", f=40.0mm, AR Coating: 650-1050nm; THORLabs, PF10-03-P01 025.4mm Mirror, Protected silver; 2ea THORLabs, AQWP05M-980 1/2in Achromatic /4 Wave Plate, 690-1200nm, One unit appears unused; THORLabs, FBTC FiberBench Tip/Tilt Rotation Base – Beamsplitter Cube, Appears unused; THORLabs, CP08FP Fiberport Adapter, Enhanced clamping, includes PAF-X-2-B FiberPort, FC/PC & FC/APC, f=2.0mm, 600-1050nm, 0.43mm Waist; THORLabs, SM1FCA FC/APC Fiber Adapter Plate, with External SM1 (1.035"-40) Thread; THORLabs, SM1FCA FC/APC Fiber Adapter Plate; 3ea THORLabs, CP02 SM1-Threaded 30mm Cage Plate, 0.35" Thick, 2 Retaining Rings, 8-32 Tap, 2ea Appear unused; 4ea THORLabs, CRM1P Precision Cage Rotation Mount, with Micrometer Drive, 01" Optics, 8-32 Tap, 2ea Appear unused; THORLabs, VRC4CPT 30mm Cage System Alignment Plate, with IR Disc; 3ea THORLabs, CP02T SM1-Threaded 30mm Cage Plate, 0.50" Thick, 2 Retaining Rings, 8-32 Tap, 2ea Appear unused; THORLabs, CP6S SM1-Threaded 30mm Cage Plate, 6mm Thick, Appears unused; 2ea THORLabs, SM1FC FC/PC Fiber Adapter Plate, with External SM1 (1.035"-40) Thread, One unit appears unused; 3ea S120-FC FC/PC Fiber Adapter Cap, with Internal SM1 (1.035"-40) Thread; THORLabs, FS200-FC FC Type Connector Adapter; THORLabs, CP360R Pivoting, Quick-Release, 01" Optic Mount for 30mm Cage System; 8ea THORLabs, CF125 Clamping Fork, 1.24" Counterbored Slot, Universal; ER2-P4 Cage Assembly Rod, 2" Long, 06mm, 4-Pack; 11ea RSPC Fixed Position Retainer, 9ea Appear unused; 11ea Pedestal Pillar Posts, varying sizes; 2ea THORLabs, FBR-AQ2 Achromatic Quarter-Wave Plate Module, for FiberBench, 700-1200nm, Appears unused; 3688 Input plate; 8ea THORLabs, Cage Assembly Rods, includes ER6-P4, ER2-P4, ER1-P4, ER4-P4
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