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Vente: GM Holden Vehicle Manufacturing & Assembly Facility


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Type de lot: Ventes de Gré à Gré
Localisation: Elizabeth, AU
Heure d’ouverture: 18 August 2016 02:00 AM ET
Heure de fermeture: 20 October 2017 02:00 AM ET
Temps restant: Days, Hours, Minutes
Paint Booth and Bake Oven Booths. The 2 inline down draft booths are complete with roller door entry and exit, air supply house, extraction plennum/ fans /ducting, lighting, and filtration. Booth is supplied with overhead and side fluorescent lighting, compressed air and breathable air piping/ filtration - Note: Buyer will need to plumb into their own compressor to supply air for spraying/ breathing. Booth is supplied with infrared heat lamps on 2 axis track system (both tunnel surround and spot repair on moveable arm, and removable floor grating that enables spray fumes to be extracted down into exhaust plennum/ tunnel - Extraction filters are at ground level. The 2 inline booths can be separated with an internal roller door that enables spraying in one and curing in the next with a rack and pinion moveable Infrard heat lamp surround. A gas fired Air House supplies humidified and temperature controlled air to each booth - Modulating motor is used to control gas to burner and cell-deck pads are fed water from the humidification tank. Filtration is present in the form of pocket filters within each air house and ceiling filter media at booth level for balanced air diffusion. Filter saturation is measurable via Magnahelic gauges that are present at the entry to the booth. Waste water treatment consists of a scrubber that extends down into the concret Pit that it is housed. As these 2 booths are joined to a common mix room the Mix Room is not included in the sale. Please refer to the attached document for additional information. The buyer will be responsible for removal of this asset in accordance with standard Holden site conditions. Any pipe work or other services that are part of the building network or that are contained within the concrete slab flooring are not part of this asset sale. As the overhead platform, walkways and stairs service more than 1 asset it is likely that some/ a number of components will not be included with this asset - Note: This will be determined by the Holden Project Engineer for this asset. Note: Some photos are indicative only and are not specifically of this asset. Winning bidders are subjected to the terms and conditions of the sale and will be required to sign an asset sale agreement. Assets will be made available for removal early in 2018. Collections require a removal plan and a scheduled collection time.Winning bidders are subjected to the terms and conditions of the sale and will be required to sign an asset sale contract all documents can be found on the main event page. Assets will be made available for removal once GM Holden ends production at the end of October, 2017. Winning bidders are required to submit a removal plan for GMH review and approval please reference the GM Holden Asset Removal document and Site Contractors Reference Booklet for more information, both documents can be found on the main event page. Only SAFcomm approved/accredited contractors can undertake equipment removal works. The buyer is responsible for all rigging and transportation costs. For inquiries on registration, how to bid, how to pay, or how to navigate the website, please view Terms and Conditions, contact our customer service department at or +61 (3) 85 18 43 54.** For general enquiries and to establish an inspection of this
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1 GMH-ADEL-EL-04110-20 1 EA D'occasion PAINT BOOTH AND BAKE
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  • Localisation de l’article: 180 Philip Hwy, Elizabeth, 5112 AU
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  • Pays: AU
  • Téléphone: +61 (0) 475 555 885
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180 Philip Hwy, Elizabeth, 5112 AU

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